rock_lightFrom the golden amber Light of Wisdom, Owl Medicine brings great healing. Through the eyes of a White Owl, AshAlome a carrier of Wisdom and a True Seer, knows, hears and sees the Truth. Her Calling helps you uproot your secrets that have been hidden in the darkness and assists you in letting go of obstacles in your life. Seeing into and through core issues, Owl Woman consoles and moves you swiftly with graceful easement into the Light by knowing which balm of medicine is needed to return to balance and harmonious living.

Owl Medicine teaches and shows one how to purify their own ego by looking beyond the ordinary and seeing the deeper meaning of our experiences. This is healing -- when we can see the higher perspective of things. While comforting the shadow self, the mundane shifts into the sacred revealing an ever flowing stream of light, love, blessings and gratitudes.

After years of meditation, stillness and constant refining and balancing, White Owl Woman sees and hears her own deceptions. This is Owl Medicine put to work -- and play! Face to face with her own shadow, time and time again, AshAlome uses the Owlʼs intuition and strong spiritual warrior quality to courageously release her fears. Reaching deeper into the darkest inner places of her heart and soul, she alchemizes the lower consciousness into Love and serves in healing MotherEarth, Humanity and the Universe.

Owl spirit is identified with the feminine and symbolic of magic, mystery, astral travel, freedom, swift movement, moon power, messages and prophecy. Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Arts and Skills, was known to have a owl perched on her shoulder. The owl lit up her blind side and enabled her to speak truth. Owls are common symbols in many cultures and countries for varying reasons.

Through love, power, and wisdom, the seeing and knowing eyes of White Owl Woman collaborates with other emissaries of Light. Extracting the wisdom buried in the mystery from the dark side of the Divine Feminine, they reveal and bring forth New beginnings which include the return of the Divine Masculine (predicted for 2013) and Sacred Union-
Oneness-Unity Consciousness.

Flying on “silent wings”, speaking the Voice of Truth is the mission of the White Owl Medicine Woman. For when the Highest Truth is extracted, a Great Healing occurs. Even if she is unable to clarify what is dis-ordered or dis-eased, her ability to naturally penetrate beyond the untruths and fears will awaken something within and eventually the truth will be revealed. The Wise one is also the Honest one who has become naked unto herself. Because she is the True Seer and Knower, she is also the Feared One. Fear is not the intention of White Owl Woman. Feeling in the Truth of her opened heart, she compassionately practices her gift to the best of her ability in the hopes others will open their hearts, souls and minds. It is through her own patience and illusions over time that allow her to perform White Owl Medicine.

Receiving the journey beside White Owl Woman brings you blessings of love, power and higher wisdom through transmuting life experiences. Most of the medicine is an offering which connects you with your Higher Self to best serve you. The offerings are listed under White Owl Medicine Services.